Funky-Fa Bench

  • Upholstery :  
  • Legs :  
  • Armrest :  
  • length :  
  • Delivery : within 10-45 business days
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EUR 950.00

A neat, modernist bench that adds character to any room. Legs of interesting shape made of natural, oiled oak. Woolen fabric upholstery. Seams in fabric color. The seat consists of an ergonomic HR foam core with high elasticity and durability, which ensures seating comfort and long lasting use.

  Produced in harmony with nature  

   Legs made of solid oak covered with natural water-based oil 

   The product is assembled

   Upholstery fabrics contain 70% natural wool


Information on care of upholstery fabrics:
- often dust, use a dry soft cloth for cleaning
- Do not use water and chemical chlorine-based cleaning agents
- iron with a cold iron


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