CoCo Cocktail Chair - Wool

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EUR 399.00

A chair that will bring the Scandinavian atmosphere to your room. Small size and will draw attention of everyone. Available in various colors. Woolen fabric upholstery. Seams in fabric color. Will look amazinig in set with a small sofa.

Dimensions: height: 80cm, width: 64cm, depth: 65cm, distance from the floor to the seat: 45cm

Robust, wooden construction. Seat on belts covered with high-quality foam to provide great comfort in use. Legs made of natural, oily oak.

  Produced in harmony with nature  

   Legs made of solid ash covered with clear lacquer 

    Upholstery fabrics contain 70% natural wool 

 Springs in the seat

   The product is assembled


Information on upholstery care:
- often dust, use a dry soft cloth for cleaning
- Do not use water or chemical cleaning agents


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